April 18, 2022

End of the heating season - turn off the heating!

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It is the end of the heating season and heating systems can be deactivated with a clear conscience - all my-PV devices have the backup function for hot water integrated


If there is not enough energy coming from your own photovoltaic system, e.g. on rainy days, our devices can use grid power for the missing energy. This function massively extends the life of the heating system and the chimney sweep does not have to intervene over the summer.

And although it could be so simple, still not everyone uses this function. It's time to take a closer look at the topic of turning off the heating at the end of the heating season.


Switching off the heating in spring and leaving it off during the day?

With spring comes the end of the heating season. When exactly to stop heating is a very individual decision - depending on how comfortable you like it at home and how well insulated your house or apartment is.
Turning off the heating completely at the beginning of the first warmer rays of sunshine, i.e. as soon as rooms warm up due to sunlight from outside, may not always be the best solution. It is not uncommon for a last winter greeting to arrive in the spring and cool down the apartment significantly, especially at night. Going to the heating system again is the consequence, but until the comfortable temperature is reached again, it often takes several hours.
In addition, the lowering of the temperature in the living space makes reheating very cost-intensive. To warm up the cooled-down rooms again, it takes considerably more energy than can be saved during the day. In addition, cold damage to the walls or even mold growth can be favored. Incidentally, this also applies to autumn, which is very similar to spring in terms of temperatures.


Hot water preparation nevertheless necessary

Even if the house or apartment does not require space heating in spring or summer, hot water preparation must still be ensured. This is possible, as mentioned above, with the setting of "summer mode", in which the boiler heats only the required drinking water. This hot water is important not only for warm showers, but in many cases also for health and hygiene. Especially systems with drinking water storage tanks have a supply.

In any case, turning off the heating at the end of the heating season is recommended from the point of view of cost savings. Especially interesting is the prolonged life of the heating system. If it is only needed for space heating in the winter months, the service life is twice as long because the heating system is not needed for hot water support in the summer. This saves not only potential fossil fuels, but also with lower maintenance and wear costs on the

Turning off the heating at the end of the heating season is therefore recommended from all points of view. The products from my-PV also ensure that you always have enough hot water available, even on cloudy days. Thanks to hot water backup.


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