February 26, 2021

Greenwashing or serious climate protection?

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The president of the Energy Watch Group warns strongly against Bill Gates' climate protection billions. The reason? A greenwashing of "dirty" nuclear power investments.


The Energy Watch Group is an international network of scientists and parliamentarians that has often pointed out dubious or manipulated studies by large agencies (e.g. the International Energy Agency - IEA).

The latest alarm by the network and its founder Hans-Josef Fell, a former member of the German Parliament, is directed at Bill Gates, the multi-billionaire and founder of Microsoft.

The reason for the alarm is the new investments in climate protection. Supposedly a good thing, but in the past Gates' "climate protection activities" have not proposed or financed any interventions that can accomplish a net zero-emission world. Instead, the billions are used for dangerous and ineffectual proposals that serve the spectrum of geoengineering and especially for the expansion of nuclear power. As founder and chairman of the nuclear power company Terra Power, Bill Gates is also heavily involved in funding small and medium nuclear reactors. With Gates' parallel involvement as the largest private shareholder in the WHO, the health risks of nuclear power are expected to be less of an issue.

Through the largest private foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates has been supporting projects all over the world for years. These financing activities under the cover of climate protection are highly dangerous for a peaceful and safe world, according to the Energy Watch Group.

A serious and sustainable contribution that could have a positive impact thanks to Gates' wealth would look like this, according to Hans-Josef Fell: Donations and corporate activities to 100% renewable energies and energy supply free of radioactivity and greenhouse gases.



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