October 25, 2022

my-PV Power-Coach now with new function

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Would you like to check the feasibility of your solar-electric residential project or apartment building yourself in advance? Recently made possible with the new function of the my-PV Power-Coach.

What can the my-PV Power Coach do? 

With the my-PV Power Coach you can easily get an overview of the cost savings and the personal benefit of your photovoltaic project.

With the specification of technical parameters and the selection of the filters, the Power-Coach is designed in such a way that private persons as well as specialist dealers, planners and energy consultants can use the Power-Coach and adapt the calculations precisely to their individual PV project. A detailed explanation of the functions of the Power-Coach can be found here.


New function: Calculate solar-electric apartment building

Would you like to check the feasibility of your purely solar-electric residential project or apartment building yourself in advance? Previously, the calculation option with the Power-Coach was limited to single-family houses. Now we have expanded the selectable system type. With the help of the my-PV Power-Coach you can now also simulate and check the feasibility of a solar-electric apartment building.

my-PV considers solar-electric room heating only useful for houses that are very well insulated. With decentralized hot water generation, however, there are generally enormous advantages. For hot water and heating with photovoltaics, such housing projects can be calculated approximately with the my-PV Power Coach, by depicting an individual apartment and not the entire project. The results are then representative for an individual apartment and thus allow to draw conclusions about the overall project.

Do you want to use the my-PV Power-Coach to calculate your residential project? To do this, select the “PV Hot water + heating with PV • for low-energy multi family houses” option for the system type (located in the upper area on the left).

We will then be happy to email you the evaluation report with all the information summarized as a PDF file.

Curious? Then start with the calculation and a price comparison!


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