January 17, 2023

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For private customers we have answered the most frequently asked questions. You can now find our helpful FAQs on our website – curious?

What does self-consumption mean and how can I increase it? With which devices can the my-PV photovoltaic heating solutions be combined and what else do I need? Does direct electric heating require less electricity from the grid than a heat pump?

We have collected these and many other questions specifically for our end customers, i.e. private individuals who are looking for a photovoltaic heating solution. The aim is to explain everything about the basic concepts of photovoltaics, but also about more specific topics such as heating rods and our other products, in a simple, clear and easy-to-find manner, and to present them to you in an understandable way.

That is not enough for you? Then feel free to visit our website, where a larger database of technical FAQ questions is available.

It is important that possible obstacles regarding the implementation of a solar-powered house are explained in a technically correct way and without reservation – because the future is electric, namely solar-electric!

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We at my-PV get more out of photovoltaics than just electricity, we move your building technology into the future. Use your solar power yourself instead of feeding it into the public grid: Electricity, hot water, heating and charging options for your e-car. With our products, you can use your self-generated photovoltaic electricity for your own needs without any detours. This way, you save costs in the long term and act environmentally friendly!



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