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A new distributor in Spain

According to the latest Europe Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2021-2025 , Spain was among the top 10 PV markets in 2019-2020, but the Spanish rooftop self-consumption photovoltaic market did not open until the beginning of 2020: the late opening of this market is because it was hindered by the solar tax till 2020. Self-consumption from one's own rooftop photovoltaic system became relevant only after the abolition of the solar tax, in the past this segment was economically unattractive.

However, the new and attractive business opportunities were limited by COVID-19, which hit Spain exceptionally hard. As a result, the number of solar rooftops increased by 715 MW by 2020, an increase of 30%. To meet the demand in the local market, my-PV has established a new sales cooperation with Saltoki through the Greenheiss brand. The interesting fact is that Saltoki has an extensive presence all across the Iberian peninsula, Saltoki handles plumbing and HVAC, and also has a renewable energy portal in its web store, this makes Saltoki a valuable partner for us in Spain.

Furthermore, what is exciting about this new distributor is that it distributes Huawei, KOSTAL, SUNGROW, Studer, Victron, Steca photovoltaic inverters and since the end of last year,  products for solarized-electric heating as well as for water heating with photovoltaic are available now.

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