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Your photovoltaic system can do more

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As the owner of a photovoltaic system you probably want to use your own electricity as much as possible.

So far, the main solution known is the installation of a battery storage device. This makes it possible to double the amount of self-consumption, but the price for battery systems is still very high.

With a linearly power-controlled electric heat generator, you can easily and inexpensively heat e.g. the hot water with your PV electricity. In summer you don't even need to switch on your conventional heating system.

With well insulated houses (<50kWh heating heat requirement per m² and year), it is also possible to operate the space heating electrically. The PV system should then be "roof-filling".

An electronic power controller, e.g. our AC•THOR, controls the power according to your demand and used it where it is needed at the moment.

This saves enormously on the installation costs for your heating and on operating costs (up to 30% less than with conventional heating systems).

Now the possibility of using your PV electricity looks like this:

Ihr PV Anlage kann mehr EN

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