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New compatibility partner – IME

We are very pleased to present our compatibility partners with a known name. my-PV is now compatible with more than 50 manufacturers, in the spirit of system openness.

The large French company legrand with its Italian brand IME has recently become compatible with some my-PV products. The developer and producer, active since 1946, manufactures measuring devices and integrated systems. In addition to electrical measurements, IME is primarily active in the field of energy management.

This overlap in terms of energy management makes it possible to work together, which again benefits our customers. Our AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s

are both compatible with the IME measuring device with the type designation "IME Conto D4 Modbus MID". This way, our devices and solutions receive the excess power detected by IME and can accordingly linearly and precisely tap and use the respective photovoltaic surplus for heating applications using photovoltaic electricity. This saves customers a separate device that would measure the excess power – a clear advantage for the customer.

A partner webinar will also take place on September 15 at 4:00 p.m., where the advantages for customers through the new possibilities will be presented to each other. Interested?

Then register right here.

Our other compatible partners can be found here.

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