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Our leaflets for your presentation

In the download area on our website, we provide many documents that explain our products better and in more detail. For various presentations, however, a printed version is still the preferred basis of information.

With the aim to provide installers, craftsmen and local companies in the field of building technology with the right information, we provide these companies with the opportunity to order two different leaflets from us free of charge.

The first one is our tried and tested my-PV product finder , which provides an explanation of how to select the right my-PV product.

The other is the application overview , which already provides some information on the products, such as wiring diagrams and product benefits.

If installers, craftsmen or companies in the field of building services engineering would like to use our documents to better inform their customers, please send an e-mail with the subject "Order free my-PV leaflet" with the desired number of copies to the following e-mail address:

Free order of my-PV leaflets

Until delivery, you will always find an up-to-date version of our documents in the download area


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