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Blockchain solution for solar and wind power

The billing of energy from solar- and wind plants can be very complex. Just think of the complex processes involved in networking, controlling and billing many small and micro power plants. The compensation claims for shutdowns due to overproduction alone require a sophisticated billing system. To illustrate: According to the Federal Network Agency, compensation claims in Germany in 2018 amounted more than 635 million euros - calculated on the basis of individual companies, this could mean many thousands of invoices per month.

But thanks to digitalization, there are solutions. The Hamburg IT company Deepshore developed a platform based on blockchain technology that simplifies processes and makes them more secure. The basis for this was provided by a system already implemented in the retail sector, which is relatively similar to the requirements of the energy industry and was further developed. The information stored in a distributed database is verified via Blockchain and is protected against manipulation and changes. With this infrastructure, network operators, feeders and weather services can each provide their data in a protected manner and store the billing processes in a traceable manner and within defined retention periods.

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