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Now compatible with Europe's largest manufacturer

With over 50 compatible manufacturers, our products and solutions can by now be used in combination with products from other manufacturers! Since June 2022 we have been able to welcome Europe's largest manufacturer of infrared heaters to our cooperation network: the market leader in the sector of infrared heaters, Königshaus Infrared.

In combination with your own photovoltaic system, infrared heaters represent a resource-saving alternative to conventional heating methods and at the same time enable you to take the step towards independence from fossil fuels. Due to their simple installation, the low-maintenance infrared panels can either be added to existing heating systems or can warm up rooms without heating particularly quickly.

In combination with our AC•THOR, the AC•THOR 9s and our my-PV Power Meter, efficient use of the in-house electricity is always guaranteed. Together we take the next step towards modern green heating with self-sufficient energy from our own roof.

You can find further compatible manufacturers here.

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