More self-sufficiency with AC•THOR 9s

AC•THOR 9s and the Polish PV market

A Polish homeowner is responding to the conditions on the Polish PV market with the AC•THOR 9s.

Faits sur le projet

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How did you find my-PV?

The installers from the Polish installation company EPC Poland became aware of my-PV through a distributor’s training program that encompassed the solutions of my-PV as well.

Brief explanation of the system – what should be mentioned?

A net billing system based on a prosumer billing model was introduced in Poland in April 2022 to reduce power outages and pressure on the Polish power grid. Since the introduction of the net billing system, self-consumption of PV power has increased significantly; after all, this is the most effective and cost-effective way.

The Polish owner of a detached house also decided to increase his own consumption by using the electricity from his PV system directly at the point of origin for heating water instead of feeding it in at low prices.

With the AC•THOR 9s, he now uses the self-generated PV energy instead of feeding it into the public power grid and can thus cover the hot water needs of the two people in the household almost all year round. Due to the system openness of the AC•THOR 9s, the system control works through communication with a Goodwe inverter.

Obstacles during the installation?

The installation was so easy for the experienced installers that the set-up of the external router turned out to be the hardest part.

Once the hardware setup was complete, it is important to choose the device ID & port number for Goodwe on the AC•THOR 9s web-interface, to ensure that the system is running smoothly. For details on the configuration check the my-PV/Goodwe integration guide.

Persons in the household?

Two adults live in the house, who have a usage of 100 l daily.

Is hot water backup wth mains power used?

With the solar-powered system, the gas usage could be reduced to a minimum. The heating is now solar-powered and only in times of low PV yields, there is the need to rely on gas. The upper part of the tank is supported by gas if needed, while the heating element in the lower part is controlled by the AC•THOR 9s.  

Opinion personnelle du client et résumé

"Polish homeowners have been eager to install PV systems to generate solar power. Therefore, we have now reached a stage, where the grid cannot handle anymore these peaks of excess PV power. Now homeowners are looking for ways to use their self-generated PV power in the best manners. Most options on the market such as regulators, relay and timer switches, heat pumps and also electric rods are neither reliable nor efficient and safe. The AC•THOR 9s from my-PV is an all-in-one solution which makes both installation and operation very easy. Moreover, it is safe because it is installed on the AC side of the PV system, preventing any fire hazards.

Consumers in Poland need to become aware of that, as at the moment there is no comparable product in terms of functionality.," the installer explains.

Referenzprojekt Polen my-PV
Referenzprojekt Polen my-PV
Referenzprojekt Polen my-PV
Referenzprojekt Polen my-PV
Referenzprojekt Polen my-PV
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Simple & efficient: AC•THOR 9s controls up to 3 electrical heat sources depending on the availability of PV energy and heat demand – for both hot water, as well as for space heating. It ensures your personal living comfort fully automatically.

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