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my-PV Power-Coach

Our Power-Coach answers many questions regarding the use of photovoltaic energy quickly and easily. The Power-Coach takes into account all four sectors that can be meaningfully covered by photovoltaic systems.

Who is the my-PV Power Coach suitable for?

Our tool is a tool for everyone involved in planning a new photovoltaic system or optimizing an existing one. It does not matter whether you are a private individual, a craftsman or a planner. Our Power-Coach helps everyone who wants to understand how they can use solar power themselves directly at the place where it is generated.

How does the my-PV Power-Coach help?

The my-PV Power-Coach helps with the economic and energetic consideration of a photovoltaic project, regardless of whether a new building or the expansion of an existing PV system is being considered. Our tool not only considers electricity, but also hot water, space heating and electromobility through photovoltaics.

The my-PV Power-Coach is there to help you. It is suitable for comparing costs and benefits and helps you to get an overview. Depending on the type of system selected, the location and other technical parameters (feed-in tariff, purchase tariff, storage size, PV size, etc.), you will immediately receive an evaluation of the degree of self-consumption that can be expected, what that means for the degree of self-sufficiency and, of course, what operating costs can be expected. In addition, you can easily calculate different variants, compare them and have them sent to you as PDF reports by email. 

What you can read from the PDF report

You get an overview of the annual PV yield and energy balance per sector, as well as the valuable information of what this means for your self-sufficiency and the degree of self-consumption. In addition, there is an operating cost overview including the costs for heat and electricity as well as an overview of the required products from my-PV.

Good to know

The system option "Hot water directly with solar power" is the only direct current solution from my-PV. All other options concern grid-connected systems with inverters.

An overview of our products can be found here.

Using the my-PV Power-Coach correctly

Our Power-Coach has many details and setting options. We would like to briefly explain what these are and how you can make the best use of them.

  • At the top left you will find the selection menu "System type". Here you can select the type that suits you best. If you do not know exactly what the respective facility type offers, the small info button right next to the drop-down menu will help you.

  • In the drop-down menu "Location", you can select the location of your property – worldwide. This way, the irradiation values of the respective location are taken into account.

  • At the top right, you can select the size of the system. You can also set the orientation and inclination here.

  • In the center of the Power-Coach you will find controls for the number of persons, living space and the heating requirement of your household. The correct setting of these points is essential, as this also influences the other values. The number of persons determines the demand for household electricity and hot water.

  • In the bottom row you will find the setting options for heating costs, storage volume of the hot water tank in the house and any battery storage. The better and more precise you set this information, the more meaningful the data will be in the evaluation in the report.

  • At the bottom right, you can set the current electricity price or the feed-in tariff.

  • The green window on the left is the "result window" of the set parameters. Here you can give the currently calculated variant a name (by clicking on the blue pencil-and-paper symbol) in order to compare them.

  • You can create another variant by clicking on the blue button with the plus sign in this green page field and giving the second calculation another name. Now you can switch between variants 1 and 2 and see how the individual values change. Directly in the buttons of the variants you can then also see the difference of the operating costs to variant 1.

  • The blue button "Show energy chart" takes you to the overview of the current listing of the energy balance based on the displayed parameters. This overview can also be compared using the created variants.

  • In addition, you can also set your electric vehicles with the respective mileage per year on the right-hand side. Please note that vehicle 1 is charged from 6 p.m. onwards (i.e. is not at home during the day) and vehicle 2 is also at home during the day, is charged and thus affects the figures in the green result window.

  • Rechts unten können Sie den aktuellen Strompreis bzw. den Einspeisetarif einstellen.

  • Das grüne Fenster auf der linken Seite ist das “Ergebnisfenster” der eingestellten Parameter. Sie können hier der aktuell berechneten Variante (mit Klick auf das blaue Stift-Papier-Symbol) einen Namen geben, um sie daraufhin zu vergleichen. 

  • Eine weitere Variante erstellen Sie, indem Sie in diesem grünen Seitenfeld auf den blauen Button mit dem Pluszeichen klicken und der zweiten Berechnung einen weiteren Namen geben. Jetzt können Sie zwischen den Varianten 1 und 2 hin- und herschalten und sehen, wie sich die einzelnen Werte verändern. Unmittelbar in den Buttons der Varianten sehen Sie dann auch den Unterschied der Betriebskosten zur Variante 1.

  • Der blaue Button “Energie-Grafik anzeigen” bringt Sie zur Übersicht der aktuellen Auflistung der Energiebilanz anhand der angezeigten Parameter. Auch diese Übersicht kann mittels der erstellten Varianten verglichen werden. 

  • Zusätzlich können Sie auf der rechten Seite auch Ihre Elektrofahrzeuge mit der jeweiligen Fahrleistung pro Jahr einstellen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Fahrzeug 1 ab 18 Uhr geladen wird (also tagsüber nicht zu Hause ist) und Fahrzeug 2 auch tagsüber zu Hause ist, geladen wird und sich dadurch auf die Zahlen im grünen Ergebnisfenster auswirkt.

How to cut down on costs?

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Our Reference Projects

my-PV Referenz Belgien P1 Interface

Making use of Belgium's digital electricity meters with my-PV

A Belgian customer uses the surplus information for his hot water preparation with photovoltaics, simply and easily.

my-PV ELWA in Daenemark Referenz

ELWA in double pack in Denmark

2 ELWAs completely replace the gas heating system for 8 months – for hot water and for heating.

my-PV Referenz Elwa in Portugal

ELWA in ideal setting in Portugal

The sunny beach town Melides is the perfect location to implement solar water heating with ELWA.

210921_Referenz_my-PV_ AC•THOR 9s M7 SV-Sierning

Hot water for soccer club

We have sponsored our hot water solution by photovoltaic power to the local soccer club – with great success!

Hotel Kapverden PV-Anlage my-PV Referenz

Hotel resort in the Atlantic Ocean

For a newly renovated hotel complex, two AC•THOR 9s prepare the hot water and use the surplus electricity from the PV system.

my-PV Referenz Mehrgenerationenhaus Schweiz

First multi-generation house capable of self-sufficiency in Switzerland

In a Swiss multi-generation house, the photovoltaic yield of summer is taken into winter.



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