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The first solar-electric company building

Our company building

We set new standards in building! Our new company building will be a showcase of how solar-electric energy supply looks and works. The solar-electric building technology will be visibly installed in the building: This makes our products a live showroom in real operation.

"Such an undertaking has never been seen before in Austria. We are ahead of our time and set new trends," says sales manager Markus Gundendorfer.

Key data

  • 858 m2 building area

  • 300 solar modules supply us with electricity and heat

  • 2,000,000 € investment

  • Construction period: 01/2021 - 08/2021

Good to know

A total of two million euros is being invested in the new company location. The special thing about it is the inverted concept: “We built the "outer shell" around the photovoltaic modules, which dimensions dictate the design of the building. A total of 300 solar modules with around 100 kWp will be installed on the monopitch roof as well as on the facade in south, east and west orientation.”, explains Gerhard Rimpler, CEO.

A look inside the my-PV company building

We are happy to give you an insight into the my-PV company building.

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my-PV Firmengebäude_3
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my-PV Foyer_1
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300 modules on the company building

We refrained from installing photovoltaic modules only on the roof, because we wanted more! We planned and built our new company location around the necessary 300 photovoltaic modules.

The result? Wherever you look, you see PV modules. So we also fitted the facades of our new company building with PV modules - and in all directions. IBC SOLAR was involved in the implementation and supplied a total of 304 modules with an output of 335 watts each for the project.

Read more about the planning of the photovoltaic modules in this article.

Our solar-electric company building in fast motion

Austria's first and unique solar-electric company building was built in 2021 within a construction period of only 7 months in Neuzeug, Upper Austria. What is special about it? There are no water-borne heating systems in the solar-electric company building:

Surplus from the 100 kWp photovoltaic system is fed into electrical heating systems and used for hot water preparation in the building. The electric heating system was partly handcrafted by the company owners because it is so innovative! The history of the company building's creation summarized in two minutes in this time-lapse video!

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First heating season exceeds all expectations

After the first heating season in the new company building, one thing is certain: the solar-electric building technology works, and even better than expected.

In the first winter measured, the solar-electric company building is energy self-sufficient across all sectors (electricity, heat, mobility) and the operating costs are even negative! More information can be found here.

my-PV Energy Balance November_April
my-PV Energy Balance November_Oktober

First annual review

The first annual review also shows sensational results. The high yield of the 100 kWp photovoltaic system in the facade and on the roof in the summer months combined with a lack of heat demand has now further improved the results of the heating season.

Energy self-sufficiency, a high degree of self-consumption of PV electricity and negative operating costs of almost 16,000 euros across all four sectors – that is the track record of our company building.

Read here how we earned a five-figure sum from operating the building.

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