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Our Team

We are idealists, pioneers and trailblazers for a solar-electric future. For us it is clear that the future of energy supply is solar, and thus sustainable and resource-saving. We are committed to this – every day! We are the my-PV team.

We are a fast growing team between 15 and 57 years old. Apprentices, HTL graduates and academics can be found in our ranks as well as passionate hobby athletes and globetrotters. We speak a total of fourteen languages internally (German, English, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Arabic, Portuguese, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Turkish, French, Urdu, Hindi, Hungarian and Panjabi), are committed, convinced of what we do and always there for each other and our customers. These are our qualities.

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The my-PV management trio

Our shareholders have more than 105 (!) years of combined work experience and have been guiding us through stormy times, sensational successes and great growth curves since 2011. They are also the driving force behind the ideas for our products.

The my-PV sales and order team

When it comes to presenting our products in the best light and representing my-PV to the outside world, establishing and maintaining contacts, our sales team is ready and waiting – traveling nationally and internationally, always striving to advance our vision of a solar-electric future.

Product management

At the interface of sales, support and marketing sits a man who has a lot to do every day, yet provides a smile and time for questions and answers for everyone: Reinhard Hofstätter. Our webinar visitors also know him as a competent host and knowledge mentor.

Production & quality management

Benjamin Kaubeck, the dynamic mind behind our efficient production process, ensures that everything runs smoothly from the manufacture of the products to the shipment to our customers. In cooperation with Tanja Klammer, the administration team of two ensures that our devices withstand quality controls and meet the expectations of our customers.

Tanja Klammer my-PV

Tanja Klammer

Press relations and marketing

Do good and talk about it? Then it must be marketing and press relations! A small but competent team works here every day to ensure that we convince the right people of our image of the future. The first point of contact is Tobias Fuchslechner.

Recruiting & Human Resources

When it comes to new and existing employees and their satisfaction, there is only one contact person at my-PV: from the hiring interview, to development opportunities, to personal challenges, Tamara Rimpler is the woman of the hour.

Join our Team

We invite everyone who shares our vision of the future and wants to actively work on it to become part of our team. Current job postings can be found here.

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We are my-PV

We help to use solar power effectively, easily and inexpensively for your own needs. Learn more about us and our company.

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