my-PV WiFi Meter: Assembly- and Operation Manual

1 Intended use

The my-PV WiFi Meter is intended for operation with my-PV devices such as AC•THOR 9s, AC•THOR or AC ELWA-E.

2 Scope of delivery

  • my-PV WiFi Meter

  • 3 external current transducers

  • Quickstart guide


3 Indicator elements

A green LED ("RUN") on the my-PV WiFi Meter indicates that the voltage supply is present. A voltage of 230 V must be present between UN and at least one of the three terminal points UA, UB or UC.

A red LED ("WIFI") on the my-PV WiFi Meter indicates that the device is connected to a WLAN. See next section.

4 Wiring and WLAN commissioning

Find all Details in the Quickstart guide here.


  • When mounting the current transducers, ensure correct phase assignment!

  • When mounting the current transducers, pay attention to the correct direction!


5 Web-Interface

The my-PV web interface of AC•THOR, AC•THOR 9s and AC ELWA-E is also suitable for the my-PV WiFi Meter in the same way.
A search program for finding the my-PV WiFi Meter in the network and for downloading the web interface can be found here.
The Web-Interface can also be downloaded directly here.

Please note that the display and setting options may change with more recent software versions.


At Info ("i") the current measured variables and energy quantities for all three phases are displayed.


At Settings ("gearwheel symbol") you get to the following setting options:

IP Settings

DHCP: By default, DHCP is enabled, i.e. the device receives an IP address from the router to which it is connected during WLAN commissioning.

Static IP: Later, the dynamic IP address can be changed to a static IP address. The settings must be adapted to the router, otherwise the device is not visible in the network!

Basic Settings

3 current transducers ("CT terminals") for a measuring range of 0 - 75 amperes are included in the scope of delivery of the my-PV WiFi Meter ex works. No setting needs to be changed to use these transformers.

For measuring currents above 75 amps, it is possible to use other current transducers. There are different sizes of my-PV available. Please contact my-PV:

As a third option the use of third party transducers is possible, where the ratio of primary to secondary current of the transformers has to be adjusted. Please contact my-PV:


Firmware Version

In this area, the installed firmware versions can be viewed (for service and update purposes). A firmware update is neither automatic nor provided by the plant operator. If required, you can obtain further information here: Please specify the 10-digit serial number of the my-PV WiFi Meter when contacting us.

The "Reboot device" button restarts the my-PV WiFi Meter.

The "Factory Reset" button resets the settings of the device to the factory settings.

6 Modbus TCP communication registers

The my-PV WiFi Meter also offers an open data interface.
The communication registers can be queried by superordinated controllers, for example.

Device ID: 1
Device Port: 502
Register range: Holding registers

Note: When using my-PV current transducers in special sizes (100A, 200A, 400A, 600A), the measured values of the registers are not automatically corrected.
Therefore multiply the currents / powers by the corresponding CT factor, i.e. in the case of 200A with 200A/75A = 2.6667.


7 Technical specifications

You can find them at any time here.

8 EU Declaration of Conformity

You can find them at any time here.

9 Disposal

Either keep packing material or dispose properly.
Dispose of the product at the end of its service life in accordance with the applicable regulations.