3 Photovoltaic Modules for Hot Water

Even a small PV system with 1.4 kWp prepares hot water in the summer and thus saves 1 cubic meter of gas every day with the ELWA.

Using the sun as an abundant energy source for daily energy needs is no longer just a vision. Thomas Eckardt, proud owner of a partially renovated semi-detached house in western Thuringia, shows how this can become a reality in one's own home. With a manageable 1.4 kWp photovoltaic system and the autonomous, linearly controllable heating element ELWA from my-PV, he has not only revolutionized his hot water supply but also significantly reduced his CO2 footprint. 

The decision to install a photovoltaic system resulted from a heating renovation, which also included the installation of a layered storage tank. Eckardt, a DIY enthusiast, independently installed the photovoltaic modules on the small roof of his garden shed. He did not want to use more space since the roof of the house should be kept free for a grid-connected photovoltaic system in the future. Nevertheless, he reached his aim to cost-effectively utilize solar energy for heating with the autonomous heating rod ELWA.

The ELWA from my-PV, integrated into a Solvis heating system, ensures that every generated watt of photovoltaic power is optimally converted into heat. A data logger allows Eckardt to monitor the performance data of the system and to document it in an Excel document.

What exactly does he save with the small photovoltaic system and the ELWA? Read about it in the comprehensive reference description.

Click here for the reference description

How exactly was the project implemented? Read the detailed project description for more information.

More information about the project

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