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Using solar power with charging stations from KEBA

With charging stations from our longstanding Austrian compatibility partner KEBA Energy Automation GmbH, our growing fleet of electric company vehicles is always supplied with electricity. Our company cars can be charged at the two installed KEBA stations during the day. The charging infrastructure is not only available for company vehicles, but of course also for our customers. Employees as well can charge their private electric cars here. In addition to the wall boxes from KEBA Energy Automation, each parking space at the solar-electric company building from my-PV is equipped with a charging option.

This offers enormous advantages for the employees, especially in regard of the increasing electricity costs, who can charge their electric vehicles (regardless of whether they are cars, scooters or bicycles) with the sun's electricity free of charge during the day. Last but not least, this also serves to motivate and retain employees.

Why do we rely on KEBA charging stations?

In 2019, we already implemented our principle of system openness with our compatibility partner KEBA. KEBA wall boxes with a UDP interface, such as the P30 c-series, have been able to be integrated into the energy management system since 2019 and use the surplus solar power that would normally be fed into the grid from the photovoltaic system, to charge the electric cars. This also makes the fourth sector possible for sector coupling while at the same time increasing self-consumption of the self-generated photovoltaic electricity.

The charging stations from KEBA are characterized as well by environmental considerations: They are produced in Austria in a climate-neutral manner. KEBA’s headquarters are located in Linz, just half an hour from our company headquarters. Regionality enables us to use tried-and-tested systems together.

Over 7,500 kWh for electromobility in the first year of operation

The annual evaluation of our solar-electric company building showed that a considerable part of the solar power could be used for electromobility. A total of 7,557 kWh was used to charge the electric cars.

You can find out here how electromobility can be implemented with the solutions from my-PV.

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