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A network router should be part of a craftsman's tools

Nowadays network technology has become an integral part of many house installations. Nevertheless, this area in particular entails a large potential for errors when commissioning modern systems.

my-PV devices, such as AC ELWA 2, AC ELWA-E or AC•THOR 9s , are also normally connected to the signal source via a network, but sometimes unknown passwords, firewalls or other things hinder the installation work. This is an unnecessary waste of time!

As a manufacturer of such products, we therefore recommend our customers to always have their own network router with them at the construction site.

There are no special requirements for such routers. A simple device from the discount store would already avoid delays on your construction site.

Our "Support" section offers many useful practical tips that will help you with the installation and commissioning of our solutions.

Moreover, you will find everything about the most important innovations of the my-PV products.

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