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The AC ELWA 2 in an architect’s house

In the middle of Upper Austria there is a single-family house with a new AC ELWA 2. The house with over 200 m² is a renovated existing building from the 1950s and was renovated in 2012.

The 4-person household has recently been supplied with photovoltaic heat, namely through the AC ELWA 2. The device is built into a combination storage system to make the existing pellet heating system obsolete in summer.

A 5.2 kWp photovoltaic system, which provides enough surplus during the day or in the morning (due to the favourable orientation) is needed, so that the hot water can be prepared using solar energy. The special thing about the project is that the AC ELWA 2 is being presented here for the very first time in a reference project.

How exactly was the project implemented? This can be read in the detailed reference description.

Have you also implemented a project yourself with an AC ELWA 2 and would like to show us?

Then contact us at office@my-pv.com with some project details and photos.

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Click here for the reference description

How exactly was the project implemented? Read the detailed project description for more information.

More information about the project

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