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AC ELWA 2 wins German Design Award 2024

Efficient heating meets outstanding design: In the category of "Excellent Product Design – Energy," AC ELWA 2 has been awarded with the title "Winner".

This award shows that an eco-conscious lifestyle can also be aesthetically pleasing. "AC ELWA 2 transforms surplus solar power into hot water, thereby increasing self-sufficiency. It's a purposeful product that strikingly combines high-tech performance with a clear and dynamic design language," states the jury of this prestigious award, acknowledging our linearly controlled hot water preparation device for grid-connected photovoltaic systems.

Our successor to the AC ELWA-E puts increased emphasis on sustainability and user-friendliness. The extended power control range and the display are significant advancements that not only enhance the technical aspects but also the visual appeal of our AC ELWA 2. This allows for self-consumption of up to 75%, representing the most cost-effective path to increased self-consumption and increased independence!

The design of our AC ELWA 2 is considerably more compact compared to its predecessor. The intuitive display on the electronic unit enables easy operation through straightforward settings and visualization of core functions directly on the solar-electric heating element."

Renowned price

The German Design Award is the premium prize awarded by the German Design Council. With its global scope and international prestige, it is cross-sectoral regarded one of the most esteemed awards in the design landscape. Since 2012, it has identified significant design trends, showcased them to the public, and honored outstanding contributions annually in product design, communication design, and architecture. In the jury for the German Design Award 2024 representatives from twelve different nationalities are represented, including renowned design experts from business, academia and science, and the design industry.

"We are very proud to receive such a renowned award for our solar-electric product – this not only acknowledges the technical efficiency but also our product design, including its intuitive operation," expresses CEO Dr. Gerhard Rimpler enthusiastically about winning the German Design Award 2024. "



Make the most of solar energy and increased self-consumption

In order to maximize the self-consumption of your current PV system, AC ELWA 2 harnesses the system's surplus photovoltaic energy to heat your water.

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