Referenzprojekt Polen my-PV

The AC•THOR 9s as a response to the conditions of the Polish PV market

A Polish homeowner is responding to the conditions on the Polish PV market by increasing his self-consumption of PV energy significantly with the AC•THOR 9s.

In Poland, a net billing system based on a prosumer billing model was introduced in April 2022. While the abolishment of the net metering scheme was initially feared to have a deterring impact on the Polish PV market, one year after, it can be concluded that the introduction of the net billing system entails a number of positive outcomes – among these the increase of self-consumption of the generated PV power.

With the realization that it is more efficient and cost-effective to use the self-generated PV energy for hot water and heating instead of feeding it into the grid, my-PV solutions come into play.

The owner of a single-family home in Lesser Silesia installed an AC•THOR 9s to prepare his domestic hot water with energy from his PV system on the roof. This way, he does not only respond to the conditions of the Polish PV market, moreover, he was able to reduce his usage of gas to a minimum with the solar-powered heating system. Only in times of low solar radiation, there is the need to rely on gas.

The Polish customer notices that owners of residential PV systems in Poland are now eagerly looking for ways to use the surplus power of their self-generated PV energy. He strongly recommends the AC•THOR 9s, underlining its easy installation, operation and especially its safety, which is incomparable to existing devices on the market.

More information about the reference project can be read here.

Referenzprojekt Polen my-PV

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How exactly was the project implemented? Read the detailed project description for more information.

More information about the project

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