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AC•THOR 9s reaches 3rd place in readers' choice

A total of 52 products in 10 categories were available for selection in the haustec.de readers’ choice 2023. The German specialist portal for building technology has been looking for the products of the year in various categories since 2018. Everybody has the chance to vote and choose their favorite product.

Third place in the category "Energy", in which our AC•THOR 9s was available for selection, is a great success for my-PV. Being positioned among the popular brands in the industry such as Viessmann and KOSTAL is an achievement we are proud of!

What makes the AC•THOR 9s so special?

The photovoltaic power manager AC•THOR 9s linearly regulates electric water heating and heating with surplus from the photovoltaic system. The special thing about it: It controls electric heat generators with an output of up to 9 kW, each adapted to the energy supply from the PV system. In this way, up to 85% of the solar power can be self-consumed even without battery storage, at lower investment costs.

More information about the readers’ choice and an overview of the winners of the other 9 categories can be found here.

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