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Soldering stations for CoderDojo Steyr

Inspiring children and young people for technology – that sounds like CoderDojo. With the soldering stations donated by us, young people can gather their first experiences in soldering.

CoderDojo is a club for children and teenagers who want to learn programming and to have fun. In course of the regular meetings of the club, the members learn how to write codes, how to develop websites and apps or games.

Participants are of the age between 7 and 17 years and no previous knowledge is necessary to attend. The goal of CoderDojo: to convey to young people the joy of technology and awaken their interest in technology at an early age.

For this good cause, my-PV has been donating at regular intervals for a long time, so that the CoderDojos can take place free of charge for the participants. A CoderDojo Special SOLDERING scheduled for April was the reason why my-PV donated 10 new soldering stations from Weller. These soldering stations are also used by my-PV itself in product development.

At the end of March we were able to hand over a total of 10 soldering stations for the CoderDojo Steyr. Mag. Daniela Zeiner, Managing Director of the TIC Steyr, and Mag. Maria Pernegger, who has been driving and promoting the CoderDojo Steyr for years, were also there.

Under the guidance of two teachers from the HTL Braunau, the children and young people were then able to solder a game of skill on 1 April 2022, which aroused great enthusiasm. Our managing director Dr. Gerhard Rimpler and a colleague from the development department were also present to adivise and support the children.

The children's joy was very noticeable – even after 3 hours, the enthusiasm of the young participants was unbroken, so skill and concentration were still there!

Would you like to see some impressions of the CoderDojo Special SOLDERING?


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