20% discount on the ELWA

Our self-sufficient heating rod for photovoltaic heat is now available with a 20% discount.

The ELWA, our linearly controlled photovoltaic water heating device, is now reduced by 20%! This discount comes at a time when prices for photovoltaic modules are reaching a low point. In recent years, there has been a true price drop in photovoltaics, with a price reduction of around 65% per watt peak of the modules. Especially since 2022, a clear downward trend can be observed.

Installation costs (aside from the craftsman) and maintenance effort when using photovoltaic systems remain very low, especially compared to solar thermal. To take into account the decreased prices of PV modules and considering the role of the ELWA as part of a holistic hot water system with photovoltaics, we have also adjusted the purchase price of the ELWA accordingly and reduced it by 20%.

This step is intended to make it even easier for interested parties to retrofit photovoltaic heat in an uncomplicated way and thus further minimize (fossil) energy sources with the power of the sun. Whether hot water or space heating is normally generated with a heat pump, gas, pellets, or oil heating: With the ELWA, customers use solar power for heat generation and can save operating costs while also preserving or completely switching off the primary heating system over many months (during hot water preparation in the summer months).

ELWA – Your Ticket to Self-Sufficiency

Our customers don't call the ELWA "simple and ingenious" for nothing –the functionality of the ELWA is impressively simple: The ELWA utilizes direct current from the PV modules and therefore requires neither an inverter nor grid access permission. This ensures unrestricted independence from the power grid – even in the event of a power outage. The ELWA thus enables "Power-to-Heat" in an autonomous version.

Our reference projects show that with the use of the ELWA, the conventional heating system can even be completely shut down during sunny months, thereby significantly reducing dependency on fossil fuels for hot water preparation. In addition, short cycling is avoided, and the boiler or heat pump is preserved. During the cold seasons, the ELWA relieves the heating system, increases its lifespan, and enables year-round energy cost savings.

Read about our reference projects, where an ELWA owner completely shuts off their gas heating for eight months or another customer saves 200 liters of heating oil per year.

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The ELWA is now available from stock!

Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that the ELWA is now available from stock. Take the step towards energy autonomy now!

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