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ELWA in double pack in Denmark

On the search for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for his gas heating, Thomas Storgaard from Skive in Denmark came across my-PV by doing research on the internet. Many systems that are located in the DIY area often do not fit together, are mutually exclusive or are simply not compatible with each other – the homeowner has already had this experience. So he opted for a proven solution and found it in ELWA.

In the single-family home, which has been newly built in 2009 and which is well insulated, there is a new 750 liter buffer tank with hot water circulation, that keeps the system lime-free. 12 PV modules, each with 425 W, which are south-facing and lead to the assigned ELWA in two separate cables, supply the electricity that is used in this stand-alone solution solely for hot water preparation. With this system there is no grid connection, no household consumers are supplied by it, the yields are only used for photovoltaic heat.

Laws and prices drive forward!

The requirement in Denmark also necessitates a move away from gas heating; it is not only the rising prices that make this type of heating or hot water preparation unprofitable. This project impressively shows that heating, at least for 2/3 of the year, exclusively with the power of the sun also works for a 5-person household in Northern Europe.

Instead of a gas bill of 4,500 euros per year (with current energy prices in autumn 2022), the PV heating solution from my-PV amortizes in 4-5 years – which means that the investment pays for itself and then saves cash instead of increasing operating costs every year.

More about this project and the general conditions can be found here.

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