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ELWA from my-PV in ideal setting in sunny Portugal

The owner of a single-family house in the Portuguese town Melides contributes to the protection of the climate by transitioning from a fossil-powered water-heating system to a solar-powered one. The sunny location of his home offers perfect conditions to use the ELWA throughout the whole year to generate hot water from photovoltaic energy. Not one but two ELWAs are installed here, to meet the required hot water demand of the 3 to 8 persons that live in the single-family house and the guest house.

Two tanks are in use here to supply the two bathrooms of both houses with hot water. In each water tank, one ELWA is installed and programmed according to the “stratified storage mode”. Hereby, firstly the 400 liter storage tank is heated up to 60ºC and in a further step the 200 liter buffer tank is heated until a temperature of 65ºC is reached.

The first winter is over and as expected, the system worked great already during the cooler months between November and April. If back-up power was needed, it can be used via the AC plug of ELWA.

The owner is happy with the new system, not only because of the higher comfort that the switch from fossils to fuels involved. There is no longer the need to buy and transport gas bottles. Moreover, the environmentally-aware Portuguese customer emphasizes that he can now enjoy his showers with a good conscience.

More information on this successful project with ELWA can be found here.

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