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ETIP PV calls for photovoltaic expansion

Experts see great opportunities for this in the reconstruction after the Corona crisis - as long as programmes to support the European economy go hand in hand with the EU's Green Deal. Renewable energies are the focus of the "European Green Deal", which is intended to boost the economy with sustainable investments. But the measures agreed so far have not gone far enough for many people. "With the reconstruction plan, Europe now has the unique opportunity to take a huge step forward in the field of green investments and thus create numerous new jobs," emphasizes Marko Topič, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV). This committee includes representatives from companies and research institutes in the solar industry.

40 gigawatts annually until 2024

Above all, the committee demands an expansion of photovoltaic output in the interests of a sustainable Europe and an economic upturn. While almost 17 gigawatts were added in the previous year, this figure is set to rise to 40 gigawatts annually by 2024, according to ETIP PV. A quarter of the capacity should be produced in Europe.

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