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Farmers watch out

Because the electrification in agriculture is constantly growing: Large cooling plants run around the clock, the milking process is carried out by machines and even agricultural machinery is becoming electric. Combined with the large roof-top that can be equipped with photovoltaic modules, this creates a good base for agriculture to meet the increasing demand for electricity.

Furthermore, agriculture requires a large amount of hot water (e.g. for cleaning milking equipment and tank systems, agricultural machinery, etc.). The increasing demand for heating or cooling can also be smartly be optimized throughout the farm using the electricity from the roof-top photovoltaic modules in the farm.

Photovoltaic after 20 years

Especially with the possible end of the feed-in tariff in the next few years, it is worthwhile to increase your own consumption for the profitable operation of your photovoltaic system. Because even if the plant, which has already been in operation for years, falls out of the support after 20 years - it can continue to produce energy, and often for a decade or more. This energy needs to be put to good use.

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