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Governor Stelzer visits my-PV

As part of the regional conference, the Upper Austrian governor visited the specialist for photovoltaic heat from Neuzeug.

“The environmental technology industry creates the jobs of the future and stands for climate protection through progress instead of bans,” said the state governor during his visit to our company building. Upper Austria is the federal state with the greatest growth in photovoltaics in Upper Austria last year.

“It is all the more pleasing that companies like my-PV have recognized the potential of solar energy and are developing sustainable and resource-saving solutions with which self-generated solar power can be used in your own household,” emphasizes State Governor Thomas Stelzer.

During the visit to our company building, which included State Governor Thomas Stelzer, National Council member Johann Singer, State Parliament member Regina Aspalter, Bernhard Ruf (Mayor of Bad Hall) and Irene Moser (Deputy Mayor of our hometown of Sierning), a company presentation including a tour of the company was on the program.

In addition to our technology, the growth figures were visibly impressive, considering a tripling of the production area this summer and a twenty-fold increase in production volume in the last three and a half years are remarkable – but also necessary given the extremely high demand for my-PV solutions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank state politicians for visiting our solar-electric company building.

©Photo: OÖVP/Mayr

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