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May we introduce? Our new website.

Modern, clean and responsive. We can finally announce the relaunch of the my-PV website!

my-PV has a new website and it has it all – the my-PV website has not only been visually upgraded, the relaunch also entails new features and content.

The new website now appears in a modern and bright design. Our products are presented in the form of 3D animations according to their level of quality and real design.

Our goal was to make the visit to the website as pleasant and easy as possible. Content can be found quickly and easily using a new full-text search function. Filter options in the areas "News" and "FAQs" also ensure that the article you are looking for is displayed immediately. Technical information about our products, such as assembly and operating instructions, can also be found quickly using the search function and the filter option in the download area.

The clear menu structure enables the user to easily navigate through the website. All information on the use of the my-PV solutions for heating and hot water with photovoltaics is now summarized in the menu item "Applications" and is explained in the reference projects with examples from practice – and backed with numbers.

In the menu item "Support", the user will now find all the information they need for installation, purchase and technical questions about the my-PV devices. The dates for webinars and training courses can also be found in this menu item.

In the FAQ area, our customers can now quickly and easily find out about their technical questions about my-PV devices.

Last but not least, the IT system in the background was updated to the latest state of the art. In addition to increased security precautions, this primarily means short loading times for the user when accessing content on the website.


We hope you enjoy clicking through the new my-PV website!

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