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my-PV at Genera 2022

With more than 18,000 visitors from all around the world, Genera is rated among the largest solar exhibitions and brings together engineers, project managers, producers and suppliers to discuss cutting edge topics of the renewable energy industry.

We are happy to announce that this year, my-PV is also represented at the fair, which is taking place from Tuesday, 14of June to Thursday, 16of June. On the first two days of the fair, on Tuesday and Wednesday, our my-PV employees are also on-site and are available for a personal meeting.

We are showcasing our products together with our distributors from Spain, IBC SOLAR and Saltoki, under the brand name Greenheiss.

Come and visit us at the following booths:


Saltoki: 10F08

Take the opportunity to get to know our sales and technical colleagues personally and to inform yourself about our products and solutions!

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