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my-PV Power-Coach: Popular calculation tool

Of course, any technical simulation is merely an approximation to reality. However, the accuracy of the Power-Coach results is reflected very well in both the increasing use and the feedback. Third parties, such as external planning offices, have also found the results to be very good.

How does the my-PV Power-Coach work?

The my-PV Power-Coach provides immediate information after selecting filters, such as the location and technical parameters. This means that the Power-Coach is designed in such a the Power-Coach by adapting the calculations to their individual requirements.

The my-PV Power-Coach is interesting for those who want to improve an existing PV system as well as for those that want to check out different possibilities regarding their first PV project.

Costs and benefits can be easily compared, whereby one gets an immediate overview of cost savings and the efficient self-consumption of self-generated solar power.

We will be happy to send you the evaluation report with all the information summarised as a PDF file by e-mail.

You will be surprised how high the self-consumption of your photovoltaic energy can be and how low your energy requirement from the power grid thereby gets!

Try out the Power Coach right here!

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