New Compatibility Partner: Kiwigrid

The German energy IoT company is driving sector coupling forward with a powerful energy platform – as of late with our photovoltaic heating solutions.

In light of the energy crisis, more and more people are prioritizing saving electricity and heating costs. Those who largely supply themselves with self-produced photovoltaic electricity are less dependent on fluctuating energy prices. The greatest added value for customers lies in the intelligent integration of heating rods and electric heaters with the PV system.

In the pursuit of system openness, another name has been added to the already impressive list of over 65 compatible partners: Kiwigrid, the energy IoT company from Dresden, which offers a powerful energy platform for sector coupling, is now capable to regulate photovoltaic heating solutions. Since the last update, device connectivity has been expanded to include the linearly regulated heating rods from my-PV. Kiwigrid's cutting-edge energy platform, KiwiOS, is driving sector coupling forward by connecting and optimizing decentralized energy and e-mobility.

Conventional thermal heating installations can thus be retrofitted with linearly regulated heating rods from my-PV and integrated into an existing energy management system from Kiwigrid. The photovoltaic heating solutions from my-PV are integrated into Kiwigrid's intelligent PV optimization, significantly reducing the consumption of conventional energy sources. The key here is the linear control to maximize the use of photovoltaic surplus for heating purposes.

To explore the range of my-PV devices that are compatible with the new partner Kiwigrid, including the corresponding instructions, please refer to the complete overview of our compatible partners here.

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