November 28, 2022

Next Level – our AC ELWA 2

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On the occasion of an online event on November 24, 2022 we have introduced the new version of our solar-powered heating element.

The live event of the product launch of AC ELWA 2 was a huge success! More than 3600 participants followed the first presentation of AC ELWA 2, the successor of our solar-powered heating element AC ELWA-E, live.

We presented the advancement of our solution for hot water with PV power: The new 3.5 kW heating element AC ELWA 2 is linearly controlled. As our new device can also control a second standard heating element with 3 kW, a total output of up to 6.5 kW can be realised. Our successor product to AC ELWA-E uses only surplus energy from the PV system and uses it to heat a hot water or buffer storage tank. Self-consumption is thus increased from about 30% to up to 75%.

AC ELWA 2 is explained in detail in our new product video:



Thanks to the open-system control, our new AC ELWA 2 communicates with various energy management systems and inverters and is also perfectly suited for Smart Homes. The device can communicate via the home network either via LAN or WLAN, making it even more flexible.


Separate installation of heating element and electronic unit

The biggest advantage of AC ELWA 2 over its predecessor is that it is supplied in two parts that can be installed independently of one another: The heating element is initially separated from the electronics unit. A plumber can therefore easily install it in the heat storage. The electrician then attaches the electronic unit at another time without having to coordinate with the installer. Time delays can be avoided this way.

With the new display that is installed on the electronics unit, AC ELWA 2 has been equipped with a feature that many customers already know and appreciate from our AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s. The most important functions can be set and visualized via the intuitive display, which significantly simplifies commissioning and operation.

All advantages at a glance and further information on AC ELWA 2 can be found here.


Giveaway and further dates

Among the registrations for the Next Level online event, two AC ELWA 2 were given away, which will be sent to the winners as soon as possible.

We are happy for the winners Alexander K. and Martin M. and congratulate them warmly!


Special webinar: AC ELWA 2 in detail

Learn more about the functions and advantages of AC ELWA 2 in the special webinar on December 13 at 4:00 pm. In the free online seminar, we present all new features of the successor of AC ELWA-E and also answer your questions about the new product. Register now!


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