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No grid feed-in of PV power in Hungary

Energy generated from solar panels that are installed after 31 October 2022 has to be produced and und used immediately and can no longer be fed into the public power grid.

This sudden decision made by the Hungarian government was a surprise for the domestic PV market and can be explained with the fact that the Hungarian grid cannot handle the amounts of PV power. With the new regulation, PV systems in a household can be used only for self-consumption.

The best way is to increase self-consumption and use as much as possible energy for self-consumption, for example by using solar energy for hot water and space heating.

my-PV’s power diverters are supporting this goal to use significantly more photovoltaic energy for your own consumption.

AC ELWA 2 is a water heating device for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. The device uses excess PV energy for hot water heating and thus optimizes the self-consumption of the system. It can be installed in hot water boilers and buffer storages.

AC•THOR is a photovoltaic power diverter for hot water, electric heat sources and optional space heating. In a simple and efficient way, AC•THOR controls electrical heat sources depending on the availability of PV energy and heat demand.

my-PV has successfully supported a number of projects from private homeowners who could reduce operating and investment costs of their homes significantly. Get insight and read more on how my-PV products are implemented in practice.

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