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my-PV devices for the vocational school

As a potential future employer, the support and training of young people is particularly important to us in many respects. We have already shown this through our previous sponsorships and support for the CoderDojo Steyr.

The Gmunden 1 vocational school in Upper Austria has been using our products (more precisely an AC•THOR, an AC•THOR 9s, an AC ELWA-E and immersion heaters) in their laboratory since the end of 2022. The aim is to familiarize the electrical engineering apprentices with innovative technologies in the renewables sector. For this purpose, the Gmunden vocational school has set up its own laboratory for renewable energies so that prospective electrical engineers can also be taught the switch to renewable energies in a practical way.

In the laboratory for renewable energy, tests are carried out on the test setup (see pictures) and put into operation. The structure is comparatively realistic, because with just a few adjustable settings, the AC•THOR could already be used for heating. A temperature sensor and our linearly controlled heating element in a container with sufficient water and the operation can be simulated and tested.

How were our devices evaluated by the students?

“The students were impressed by the simple and uncomplicated commissioning. They are a great enrichment and extension for our laboratory,” says Roland Demmelbauer, teacher in the laboratory for renewable energy at the vocational school.

Some impressions of the device tests and the commissioning can be seen here:

Gruppenfoto GALERIE my-PV
Installation GALERIE my-PV
Installation GALERIE my-PV
Installation GALERIE my-PV
Installation GALERIE my-PV
Installation GALERIE my-PV

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