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Our new image video

Curious about what my-PV does and what we stand for? Do you want to know what our motivation and vision are? The answers can be found in our brand new image video.

A lot of preparation time and many takes were necessary to achieve the desired result. Finally, the time has come for us to present the new image video.

What's so special about it? You get an insight into our company building, our philosophy and vision of how we picture an environmentally friendly way of dealing with the world for future generations – and the contribution that my-PV makes with its products.

We are convinced that the new image video will give our customers an even better understanding of what we do: We do not install or supply photovoltaic systems, but instead, we manufacture devices and accessories that improve efficiency by getting the most out of the existing photovoltaic system. We improve the photovoltaic’s self-consumption.

With our devices, you can couple the photovoltaic set-up with the heating system. By converting solar energy into electricity, houses can be heated and hot water can be prepared. It sounds so easy – and it actually is!

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