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Photovoltaics - more than just green electricity

Everyone knows that photovoltaic systems produce "green electricity" and are therefore a huge relief to the climate. Now, however, the Center for Biological Diversity at the University of California is publishing the study "Nature Sustainability", thereby highlighting completely new aspects of photovoltaics. Jordan Macknick, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, emphasizes that it can not only be used to produce climate-neutral electricity, but also to improve water, soil and air quality.

The study examined so-called "technical-ecological synergies". This refers to the conscious planning of photovoltaic systems, which also has ecological advantages. As an example, the use on the field is cited, where shade-loving plants thrive better under the plants and need less water. If there is not enough space, the panels can also be installed in the water, where they counteract the excessive growth of algae. In return, the water cools and thus increases the electricity yield.

Source: Center for Biological Diversity

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