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Refurbishment and photovoltaic heat as a blackout precaution

A resourceful Upper Bavarian benefits from the renovation of his house and implements photovoltaic heat as blackout precaution.

The builder from Upper Bavaria got the idea from a heating engineer in 2020 to benefit from the common compatibility of my-PV and RCT Power. The idea behind it was simply justified: The old single-family house (built in 1935) was renovated in the 90s, but the insulation only delivered the desired success in 2020. The power of the photovoltaic system can now be efficiently used for heat applications, for hot water and heating with the AC•THOR 9s. Thanks to its compatibility with RCT Power, the AC•THOR 9s can also be supplied with excess power, which RCT Power measures at the house connection point, to control hot water generation and to support heating.

In this way, the power of the sun can be used efficiently in the 105 m² house: the 12.2 kWp system, which is inclined to the east/west and also has a small part facing south, supplies a large surplus. This surplus is directed into the 990-litre buffer tank and, depending on the surplus from the PV system, is continuously released from the AC•THOR 9s to the 9 kW screw-in heater from my-PV.

What is the customer’s opinion?

"The large investment in the renovation of our house with the installation of the photovoltaic system and the new insulation of the facade make the house largely self-sufficient. Should the announced blackout actually take place, we will confidently fall back on grandma's wood stove in the kitchen," summarizes the builder from Upper Bavaria.

More information about this reference project can be found in the detailed reference description.

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