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Regulating up to kW with the AC•THOR s

The photovoltaic systems are getting bigger and bigger and thus there is a need for a larger regulating power in the future not only for commercial and agricultural applications, but also for residential construction or even in single-family homes. In order that this power can also be controlled for hot water or heating or for other applications in terms of sector coupling, the firmware update (a0020513) for the


means that the double regulation power is now available.

In particular, the doubling of the regulating power becomes crucial for larger projects, as for this purpose larger-scale photovoltaic systems can be implemented more easily and even more cost-optimized for heating purposes. Larger PV projects, such as those in the commercial or agricultural sectors, will thus require a smaller number of additional products. Especially plants above 20 kWp will benefit from this extension.

A new feature is that the additional power can be set variably. This is now also taken into account in the single-phase AC•THOR when displaying the power and in data logging. Through a firmware update also retroactively.

You will also receive an increase in regulating power at the same price if you already have the AC-THOR 9s at your home. Simply send an e-mail with your 16-digit serial number to

and we will be happy to activate the update for you!

You can find more information and technical details here


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