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Superbonus 100 % in Italy with my-PV

In July 2020, Italy has introduced one of the most generous governmental funding in the EU and this way encourages the transition of residential construction sector to renewable and efficient energy. We are convinced that many countries will follow the example of Italy, paving the way towards clean energy generation.

As the name “Superbonus 110%” already indicates, the program includes a tax credit of up to 110% for expenses related to energy efficiency in house constructions and renovations. This includes the installation of solar panels, the replacement of old boilers or upgrades regarding the heating system of the building.

This bonus scheme will further accelerate the generation of solar energy in Italy. At this point, my-PV products come into play or to formulate it more clearly: Under such ideal conditions, the implementation of our solutions yields a number of advantages. my-PV products AC ELWA-E & AC•THOR offer several benefits in this regard at one shot, namely with regard to both heating as well as thermal storage.

AC ELWA-E is a water heating device for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. The device uses excess PV energy for hot water heating and thus optimizes the self-consumption of the system. It can be installed in hot water boilers and buffer storages.

AC•THOR is a photovoltaic power manager for hot water, electric heat sources and optional space heating. In a simple and efficient way, AC•THOR controls electrical heat sources depending on the availability of PV energy and heat demand.

With regard to the Superbonus 110%, in a residential building that is built or renovated according to current energy standards, AC•THOR replaces conventional, water-based building installations. Missing residual energy can be obtained from the public grid.

Of course, independently of governmental funding, such as in Italy, to create energy independence and maximize self-consumption of your own PV system always pays off. When reaching a high level of self-consumption, a photovoltaic system can be implemented very efficiently, even without any state funding. This also eases coping

Because with a high level of self-consumption, a photovoltaic system can be implemented very efficiently even without any state funding. Moreover, one is less affected by price increases in energy supply – as it is currently the case.

my-PV has successfully supported a number of projects from private homeowners who could reduce operating and investment costs of their homes significantly.

Get insight and read more on how my-PV products are implemented in practice.

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