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Supporting the oil boiler with solar energy

An oil boiler with 420 liters, a single-family house from the 1970s with 120 m² of living space and the desire to save heating oil marked the beginning of the journey. On the search for solar heating options, Dirk Hartstang came across my-PV. In regard of the sharp rise in operating costs for all (fossil) energy sources, it was clear for Mr. Hartstrang to take the path towards solar heating with a photovoltaic system.

With the ELWA from my-PV, the family homeowner from the region Westerwald in Germany found a suitable and simple way to relieve the load on the heating system in winter and to save expensive heating oil. In the summer, the service water is heated through the linearly controlled use of photovoltaic energy, as it is not needed for heating support during the warm months.

Both is possible because there was still a 1.5 inch connection free in the 420 liter oil burner to insert the ELWA here. This means that the direct current, which comes from some PV modules on the roof with an output of 1.66 kWp, is used directly – and without an inverter – by the ELWA to heat the service water or to support the heating. This way, the annual fuel oil consumption can be reduced by 200 liters, using the power of the sun.

The owner is definitely convinced of the technology: "The ELWA really is 'simple and brilliant' – very easy to assemble and operate. In the cold season, it relieves my oil burner and in summer it guarantees me warm service water.”

For more information about the project, see the detailed reference description

Referenz Dirk Hartstang
Referenz ELWA Dirk Hartstang Montage 2
Referenz ELWA Dirk Hartstang - alternative Perspektive
Referenz ELWA Dirk Hartstang Montage

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