my-PV Referenz Hotel Südtirol

Sustainable holidays in the Italian Dolomites with my-PV

Residence Montana in South Tyrol is a holiday resort that offers its guests a sustainable vacation in the Italian Dolomites. my-PV products, which offer a clean and environmentally friendly solution for heating and hot water generation, support the hotel in its concept of offering its guests an environmentally friendly holiday.

During peak times, there are 60 guests in the hotel with a total of 20 apartments, that are all equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. There is a high demand for hot water throughout the whole year, as the scenic location at the foot of mount Kronplatz attracts a large number of visitors both in winter for skiing and snowboarding and in summer for hiking and climbing. The hot water demand is around 120.000 kWh per year. Still, operating costs can be kept low as self-generated PV power is available in abundance from the 29,5 kWp photovoltaic system. In times of less sunshine, the hotel is supplied with hydro-based power.

The installation of this project turned out to be a little challenging, as two digital sensors had to be installed, one at a boiler and the other one at a buffer tank. Due to the physical distance, the AC•THOR 9s and the buffer tank had to be connected with an extension. The support team of my-PV provided remote assistance throughout the installation process.

A 9 kW heating element is installed in the hot water boiler for hot water preparation and a second 9 kW heating element is in the buffer tank for heating support. This way, even more photovoltaic energy can be converted into heat directly at the point of generation – environmentally friendly, inexpensive and with comparatively little effort!

Flexibility of AC•THOR 9s

What the owner values the most about his new system, is the high level of flexibility that is given with AC•THOR 9s. In spring, when there is no need for space heating, the operating mode of AC•THOR 9s can be changed from mode 3 (18 kW) mode 1 (9 kW).

Also, the temperature can be selected. For PV-based heating, it is set at 75°C to ensure maximum self-consumption in the form of thermal energy. In case, when there is not enough solar power & temperature drops below 40°C in the boiler and the buffer tank, biomass is used as a primary source of heat.

The customer opinion

“AC•THOR 9s offers a high level of flexibility regarding the operating mode. From March onwards, there is no demand for space heating. From that moment, operating mode 3 (18 kW) can be changed to mode 1 (9 kW) with just one simple click. AC•THOR 9s simply does the job that it claims!”

More information about the project can be found here.

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