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Thumbs up for ELWA!

A search on the Internet for an alternative to solar thermal energy was the beginning of solar-electric water heating for the resourceful pensioner Alois Ellinger from the Mostviertel. The endeavour to use the power of the sun also in summer without thermal problems, stagnation problems and the high copper consumption found its solution in the easy-to-retrofit ELWA, which is easy to retrofit. Our self-sufficient hot water solution, which as a stand-alone solution uses the electricity from the photovoltaic system only for hot water preparation, can simply be screwed into the hot water boiler via a standard thread and thus be retrofitted.

This solution convinced our customer from Mostviertel: with the help of the my-PV ELWA device, the maximum energy can be extracted from the photovoltaic system on the south-facing roof of the house.

The renovated apartment building with a total of five residents can thus prepare hot water from the power of the sun in an efficient and cost-saving way. The newly installed 300-litre boiler is heated solely by ELWA in summer: the entire yield from the 1.2 kWp photovoltaic system is used solely to heat the water in the boiler. However, ELWA can also be used to provide hot water in winter and can also support the conventional heating system for hot water preparation.

The verbatim feedback of the customer from Mostviertel on our solution: "I think your concept is quite good. I know your products and also the explanatory video for ELWA. Thumbs up!"

Whether a further expansion is planned and additional information can be found in the reference project.

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