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We are part of the BVF e.V.!

Founded in 1971, the Bundesverband Flächenheizungen und Flächenkühlungen e.V., abbr. BV, is a neutral and established partner for companies in the field of panel heating and cooling and is concerned with establishing standards in technology and quality. This is also the claim of my-PV, especially when it comes to the topic of panel heating, where my-PV has been advancing and innovating electrical heating systems for years, or facilitating these with products such as the AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s.

On 23 June 2022, a symposium was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary, where our sales manager Markus Gundendorfer was able to give a lecture with a best practice character. With the lecture topic "Practical data on electric panel heating in the all electric building", the nail of the BVF's orientation was hit on the head. Namely, the Bundesverband Flächenheizungen und Flächenkühlungen e. V. (BVF) went back to the roots on the occasion of the association's 50-year history, not only in terms of content! The clear statement from the symposium by Axel Grimm, Managing Director of the BVF: "Electric panel heating will be the future!"

Our sales manager, Markus Gundendorfer, considers the membership as an opportunity for my-PV: "We are pleased to be in the association because photovoltaic heating has become 'socially acceptable' and we regard the the BVF as very innovative and forward-looking. Photovoltaic heat is unbeatable both economically and ecologically in new buildings and in renovated buildings. We want to promote and publicise this technology through our membership in a federal association

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