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We show our building from the inside

Would you like to see a virtual tour of our solar-electric company building? And additionally a video presenting the building and its technology?

Our solar-electric company building has been in operation for a year. Reason enough for us to give a little insight here, for all those people who cannot visit us directly due to the distance.

We have recently been offering the first and more individual version directly via Google Maps or on our website. With 360-degree shots at several points inside and in front of our company building, everybody who is interested is free to explore our building digitally and to soak up a little of the pleasant appearance and the homely atmosphere.

You can take a tour yourself by simply clicking further and you can adjust and pan the perspective yourself. A tour, starting in front of the building, via our foyer, up the striking wooden staircase to our gallery and into one of our offices – nothing stands in the way of your tour.

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