230626_Drohnenbilder_Firmengebäude + Produktion (22) my-PV

We triple our production area

What is special about the production building is its immediate location next to the previous solar-electric company building. This is our reaction to the rapidly increasing demand for solar-electric heating systems since February 2022. Our employees have repeatedly set new production records, especially in the last few weeks.

By moving production to the new building, we were able to significantly expand the production area! There is also an additional storage area for 150 pallet spaces. With the expansion of production in the immediate vicinity of the previous company location, the area for offices and lounges could also be expanded. What is still missing in the new hall? Here, too, we are planning to install a photovoltaic system over the entire surface of the roof.

Additional expansion included

However, we have already planned for future expansion options. The conceptual work for this will start soon, the main focus is on building further production lines. The building is already prepared for this, so that we can fall back on this possibility at short notice. The further expansion of the storage facilities by around 300 square meters is practically fixed.

Relocation without interrupting production

We have invested a total of €500,000 in the expansion of the production area for the new premises. Due to the enormous demand, the planning process started in April 2022 already. Construction started in January 2023 and the first part of production moved into the new building in May 2023.

Since then, the solar electric heating rod solutions ELWA and the AC•THOR power controller as well as the AC•THOR 9s have been manufactured at the new location. In course of the expansion, production of the new AC ELWA 2 began in the new premises. By July 2023, the AC ELWA 2 will be located entirely in the new premises with growing numbers. A major challenge was the relocation of the production lines, which our team completed within just three days without any production downtime.

Working environment based on the solar-electric company building

When setting up the production lines and furnishing the new building, we focused on establishing the high standard that was already implemented in the solar-electric main company building. The aim was to create a comfortable working atmosphere for the employees in production in the new production building, which expresses the corresponding appreciation. As in the solar-electric company building, many walls were paneled with wood and each workplace was ergonomically furnished and equipped with height-adjustable work tables.

Would you like to see some impressions of the new premises?

230626_Drohnenbilder_Firmengebäude + Produktion (7) my-PV
230626_Drohnenbilder_Firmengebäude + Produktion (22) my-PV
230621_Fotoshooting_Produktionsgebäude (6) my-PV
230621_Fotoshooting_Produktionsgebäude (8) my-PV

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