Single-family house – Brandstötter

Pioneer for solar-electric hot water: ELWA in operation for hot water preparation since 2014.

Facts about the project

PV system
Hot water backup
Hot water demand
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Customer declaration:

Since 2014, the ELWA has been in operation, paired with a 2.25 kWp PV system. The installation took place in a 1,000-litre buffer storage with a fresh water station. While we usually do not utilize the optional hot water backup with mains power, this feature proved to be useful during a renovation phase in unfavourable weather conditions.

What initially appealed to me about the ELWA was the simple installation. Now, I appreciate that this solution is not only easy to install but also entirely maintenance-free. I have also acquired the USB interface from my-PV, allowing me to retrieve data and monitor both the PV thermal yield as well as the temperature profile.

On days with fluctuating weather conditions, when I inquire about my neighbour’s thermal solar system and whether it has delivered any results, he often denies it. In the meantime, my ELWA consistently generates 4 kWh of heat, even on overcast weather. It's truly a brilliant solution!

Product details ELWA:

  • 0 – 2,000 W infinitely adjustable

  • Target temperature adjustable with rotary knob

  • Works even during power outages

  • For hot water storage tanks ranging from 100 – 1,000 liters

  • Self-consumption: 2 W

  • Efficiency: >99% at rated power

  • Optional hot water provision: 750 W

Referenz ELWA Brandstötter my-PV

With the data interface "USB Interface" and the free ELWA software, the yield data can be easily monitored.

Screenshot Webinterface_ELWA_EN my-PV

An integrated data logger allows, among other things, the visualization of the achieved solar yields and the temperature profile.

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