Over 70 Compatible Partners for my-PV Products

In line with the principle of system openness and to the benefit of customers, my-PV devices enable integration into systems from over 70 compatible partners.

In an era where energy and heat transition are increasingly prevalent, and the quest for efficient, sustainable solutions for energy consumption takes center stage, system openness has become a crucial factor. Integrating and harmonizing various technologies is the key to seamless and effective utilization of renewable energies.

my-PV, the Austrian manufacturer of photovoltaic thermal solutions is demonstrating how this effective integration can be achieved: The linearly controlled surplus solutions for photovoltaic electricity are now compatible with no less than 70 partners!

This impressive number of compatible partners not only underscores the innovative strength of my-PV but also signifies a significant advancement in simplifying and optimizing energy management for photovoltaic system owners – not only in the DACH region but globally. Among the ranks of my-PV's partner companies are many well-known names such as SMA, E3/DC, Solar-Log, KOSTAL, GoodWe, Huawei, Sungrow, FoxESS, neoom, and Loxone. "We enjoy working as a team. It's not only cost-efficient but also sustainable," explains our CEO, Dr. Gerhard Rimpler.

How is this compatibility achieved?

The foundation for this remarkable compatibility lies in the open communication interfaces of my-PV products. These interfaces enable devices to receive surplus information from inverters, battery systems, or smart home systems. This allows seamless integration into existing systems without the need to purchase additional smart meters, for example; instead, existing systems are utilized and their information accessed. This enables efficient control of energy consumption – and maximizes this utilization through efficient sector coupling.

Where my-PV Devices Are Compatible

The versatility of my-PV devices extends far beyond integration into inverter and battery systems. For example, the AC ELWA 2 is also used by hot water and buffer tank manufacturers, while the AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s can control existing heating rods and regulate various types of directly electric space heaters (including infrared panels, electric underfloor heating, etc.). The wide range of applications makes photovoltaic thermal solutions an indispensable tool for optimizing energy consumption in various environments – continuously regulated, which also enables compatibility. Because only linearly controlled power controllers extract the maximum surplus photovoltaic energy and do not draw unnecessary power from the grid or overfeed.

The impressive number of 70 compatibility partners marks another milestone in my-PV's mission to support customers on the path to energy independence. With the openness of its products, my-PV significantly contributes to maximizing the use of renewable energies while increasing the efficiency and sustainability of energy consumption.


Curious about which major manufacturer is compatible with which my-PV products? And looking for specific instructions? The complete overview can be found here.

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