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AC•THOR: Electricity meets relaxation

A Belgian homeowner heats up his outdoor-jacuzzi in an environmentally friendly way with the AC•THOR.

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my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien

The proprietor of a single-family residence located in the Flanders region of Belgium sought for an environmentally conscious solution to complement his existing gas heating system. Furthermore, the aim to warm the water of his outdoor jacuzzi in a manner that upheld environmental responsibility ignited his search for the perfect eco-friendly solution.

In the pursuit of sustainable alternatives, the homeowner quickly discovered the manifold advantages of using the power of surplus photovoltaic energy. His online research led him to my-PV, with the AC•THOR offering the perfect synergy of an environmentally friendly solution and cutting-edge technology. The easy installation of the AC•THOR further reinforced his decision for the photovoltaic power diverter for hot water and solar-electric heat sources.

How was the installation of the AC•THOR?

The installation proceeded without significant issues, except for some initial challenges in selecting the appropriate operating mode for the AC•THOR. Fortunately, the my-PV support team promptly resolved this problem.

Short explanation of the system

Before the installation of the AC•THOR, the household was reliant on gas to fulfill its hot water requirements. However, with the implementation of a photovoltaic-based system, the need for natural gas has been eliminated from March till October, except for cooking purposes. In the preceding year, prior to the energy crisis in Europe, the Belgian customer managed to achieve remarkable annual savings of €350 by making the transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy source.

A substantial portion of household appliances, including the washing machine and dishwasher, now benefit from intelligent monitoring and regulation through the Sunny Portal. Furthermore, the precise power control of the AC•THOR can be effortlessly visualized through the SMA Sunny Portal. Even in cases where smart system control is not employed, the AC•THOR's data remains accessible and can be adjusted via the my-PV Cloud. This environmentally conscious technology has not only reduced the household's carbon footprint but has also significantly enhanced daily convenience and efficiency.

How many people live in the household?

A household of four individuals resides in the single-family house. The domestic hot water has a consistent temperature of 70°C. Additionally, the Jacuzzi, is maintained at a comfortable temperature of 37°C.

Is hot water backup with mains power used?

The gas heating system initiates when the water temperature falls below the 50°C mark. Nevertheless, until now, the need for backup power has remained obsolete, thanks to a steadfast surplus of electricity supply that maintains the temperature well above the 50°C threshold. In light of the prevailing surge in fossil fuel prices, the customer is happy that gas is now only required for cooking.

Opinion personnelle du client et résumé

“my-PV products are plug-and-play, offering an outstanding utilization of PV power. I continue to be amazed by the positive impact on our home's energy bill, thanks to the two AC•THORs we installed during the summer. Now, we use gas for cooking only.

What is also very worth mentioning, other than the financial aspect, is the relaxed feeling of total comfort knowing that all the energy needed to heat the water in the house and in the jacuzzi is coming from your own solar system. No guilty feelings of taking another hot bath or shower!  How cool is that!”, the Belgian homeowner summarizes his experience.

my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien
my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien
my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien
my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien
my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien
my-PV AC•THOR: Elektrizität trifft Entspannung
my-PV Referenzprojekt Jaccuzzi Belgien
my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR in Belgien
my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR in Belgien
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Simple & efficient: AC•THOR controls electrical heat sources depending on the availability of PV energy and heat demand. And that for both hot water, as well as for space heating.

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